Just Another Day

I’ve had this wallpaper on my PC for quite a while. It’s stayed on there for quite a while despite its simplicity and lack of trippy flashy things, blood, pirates, or TV show references. Blue text, black background:

The wallpaper in question

We’ll all be okay. Eventually.

At least, that’s what that picture says. I can’t just think it though, that won’t convince me. And if somebody says that, it just means that they care enough to say something, but not something  that actually helps. But this picture is different. It says that somebody out there actually believed it enough to make a sign (or at least hire somebody to make one), bearing this one extremely hard to believe phrase. But if somebody out there can believe it, I suppose I can too. But it’s not the easiest think to think. Cause everything WON’T be alright, will it? Hell no, there’s that test you have to study for, your family that’s about to fall apart because of your DAMN DRUG PROBLEM, or the mere fact that you know there’s a crapload of bad days to come.

But there’s the thing. The sign says what everything WILL be alright. None of that badness will actually happen, it’s all still in your head. And in there, you decide what will and will not happen, and dammit, you can decide that nothing bad will ever happen again, ever. If you say something enough, you’ll start to think it’s true.

It won’t -actually- be true, but if that truth is limited to yourself, to your own head, leaving the outside world to deal with the repercussions, it will be. Keep telling yourself that you’re attractive, and you won’t magically grow abs and biceps (That totally happened to me though. True fax.), but tell yourself you’re confident, and you’ll think it’s true, which means you’ll start acting confident, which will make it true. Congratulations, you’re a fucking psychic.

Back to what I was saying though. Sure, thinking that nothing will ever go wrong, ever is just a set up for disappointment, but disappointment is just another flavor of depression. And you’re going to get depressed eventually, so you might as well be able to see it coming and know what you’re dealing with. The worst kind of disease is an undiagnosed one, right?

I’m not saying go around thinking EVERYTHING is sunshine and puppies. There are still a good deal of bastards out in the world, huge corporations are still trying to take all your money, and politicians are still trying to steal your soul, and thinking otherwise is a good way to get… nowhere. But constantly reminding yourself that everything sucks isn’t exactly helping either. So that’s how I get through my life, a few days at a time. Maybe someday I won’t need a picture to tell me everything will be alright. Maybe someday, nobody will, and people will look at that picture as some sort of post-modern beardcore art that’s ironic or something. Maybe it WILL all be alright.


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