Thank God for Drafts

I don’t seem to post much. But I’m not unproductive, I swear. I write on here quite a bit, and at this particular moment, I have maybe eight drafts that I have yet to finish. It seems that I’m one of those people who never finish things. I don’t know why people do it. Maybe it’s because they’re just too eager to go on to the next new thing. But I don’t seem to be doing many new things either. So I’m forced to believe it has something to do with my working style.

I DO finish things… eventually. When I write anything of any substantial length (that is, more than a paragraph), I can never finish it in more than one sitting, unless I’m feeling particularly motivated. Not to mention I seem to hate everything I wrote if I re-read it the day after I write it. But this is why sometimes I think the best job I could get would be a freelance writer. Sure, I’d be dirt poor. Hell, I’d probably have to pretend to be nice to dirt, so he’d share some of his dinner with me. But at least I’ll be able to take my time, and put out good(?) work. Then again, I might grow up and decide that I want to… eat. And be able to afford a Playstation 5 or something.

I have really no idea what to expect from the future… But I suppose that’s why it’s so much fun.



Okay, I’m going to publish this with minimal editing, just to see if it helps with the above not finishing problem…


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