Name of Kamelot’s 2001 Album

Everyone has good and bad things happen to them. Some people have more of one than the other. The notion that the degree and frequency of these things is a result of some effed up universally balanced causality is idiotic. See example:

“Oh no, I didn’t study for the test, now I’m going to fail,” is a perfectly reasonable assumption, whereas

“Oh no, I didn’t study for the test, now my mother is going to die,” is not. Unless you’re a surgeon taking a practical test on your mother, I guess.

It’s enough of a coincidence that our planet can sustain life, but getting a planet that has the perfect atmosphere, plenty of water, isn’t too close to the sun, AND a built in scoreboard? That’s pushing it, methinks. See, people like to believe in karma because they like to think that everybody who pisses them off will get struck by some divine thunderbolt and everything will be alright. It’s a belief that is based on the fact that there’s some sort of ethereal kindergarten teacher giving us karmic time-outs when we don’t play nice. The guy who cut you of will obviously get in an accident tomorrow, the jerk who pickpocketed you will get hit by the guy who cut you off, and of course, the jackass who was mean to you in high school will end up bagging groceries. But here’s the surprise, children: They won’t. In case you haven’t noticed, you don’t get anywhere these days just for being a good person. The asshole kids you hated will become ‘The Man’ and keep everybody down, while hoarding millions of currency for themselves. And all the good guys get is a feeling of moral superiority, as well as the ability to go on tirades that end with “AND YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE DAMN BANK!” then go and take… Nothing to the bank.

But I’m not saying that all bad people succeed, and all good people fail, that’s just like reverse karma, and really nobody wants that. They want the good guys to win and the bad guys to lose, but that doesn’t really happen much. If it did, the news wouldn’t bother reporting it. Usually, success is based on talent, intelligence, and a lot of luck. Or being tall, if you’re going for that world record. So just keep on practicing or studying or whatever it is that makes you better at what you do, and please, please stop worrying about what the universe thinks. If it wanted you to fail, you would probably be dead. And if you ARE dead, please stop reading this and start a zombie apocalypse already.


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