So I woke up this morning (from a particularly strange dream, which I won’t bother going into detail about), and the first thing I notice is that my arm hurts. I chalk it up to me shifting positions sometime during the night and sleeping on my arm. Seems reasonable enough. So I decide to get up and make the most of my morning (afternoon). But the action of getting up is impaired by… my other arm hurting. How do I know this? because I collapsed using it to push myself off the bed. With both my arms out of it, I decide to get up without their assistance. No good though, as my attempted sit up is foiled by the also very much painful pain in my entire upper body. So what do I do? I just lie there waiting for the strength to be able to get up.

And as I lie down, I begin wondering WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME WHILE I WAS ASLEEP (*insert whatever rape jokes you may have here*). I remembered reading something about Dave Mustaine falling asleep with his arm over the back of a chair, which messed his arm up or something. Did the spirit of an angry Dave visit me while I was asleep? God I hope not. But my wicked guitar skills weren’t any better than usual, so I can rule that one out. Aside from my body getting Megadeth’s, I also pondered the possibility of me pissing off some dream pandas, who kicked my dream ass so hard that I affected my physical body. Or maybe my body is finally taking matters into its own hands, and has begun forcing itself to work out while I’m unconscious. But I’m really hoping that I’ve become a superhero with a secret identity so secret that even I don’t know it.

Eventually, (I can’t say how long exactly, I was still mostly asleep at this point) I managed to get up, driven mostly by my need to pee. And walking out of my bedroom to get a snack, I learned well… nothing at all. Oh, my entire body felt perfectly fine like, ten minutes after I got up so I guess I’ve learned that I’m Wolverine. Though I don’t really have claws, so I guess I can be… Airverine. What is the point of posting this you may ask? Nothing. There is no point at all, but I am very bored. So, yeah.


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