Monthly Archives: June 2011


I really suck at meeting people.

I mean, can’t we live in a world where I can just say “No, we probably DON’T have that much and common, and I really do think you are a very nice person. I just don’t want to talk to you right now. Maybe sometime in the future. But not now. Now please leave me alone.”

I’ve been trying to do the whole socializing thing, but it’s REALLY HARD. Nothing against the people, but it’s just freaking tiring for me to try to go through all the social rules and stuff, try to make myself seem more approachable and crap like that. I want to be friends with you people, really I do. But can’t we all just get along without the stupid group dynamic, personality dominance battles, and just plain bullshit pre-personalities? Can’t we just have ACTUAL conversations and not talk about lowest-common-denominator shit? Usually this is where I would go on a long rant about the state of the world or something. But this is the first time I’m updating in a while. And I’m really freaking tired.