That Damn Puppet


Yes, I suppose it’s that time of… decade. When people wish for whatever their hearts desire. It’s like Christmas, but all the presents are imaginary. It’s all very confusing, really. In all of my research (first page of Google results), I haven’t been able to find much about its origins or any meaning to the number 1 that would make it particularly suited for magic or Jinnism. And honestly, I don’t think people actually think it works. I mean, if it did I’m pretty sure there would be world peace, no poverty, no racism, and most importantly, teenage relationships would be broken apart or put together so fast it’d give [name of high school drama] a run for its money. So it has no history or meaning. It doesn’t actually have the power to bend reality. So why are people so excited about 11/11/11 and its cousin 11:11, not to mention its incestuous love child 11:11 on 11/11/11?

Well I know I’m not the most optimistic of people. I’m not trying to pretend the world doesn’t have its share of problems. Everyone knows that it does. And that tends to make people sad. Because even if you don’t care about war or poverty, or the polar bears running out of ice to stand on, somebody will yell at you for it and you’ll get sad anyway.

So everyday, we’re confronted with irrefutable evidence that all our lives suck. There’s so much of it in fact, that even though nobody really WANTS to think it, they can’t help but. So I guess its only natural for us to develop some sort of defense. I’m gonna say that’s why people wish. Cause for maybe just a second they think things will get better. For them, for the world, whatever. It’s a moment of thinking that everything isn’t going horribly wrong. And I guess we really need that second, just to get us through the various things we have to get through every goddamn day.

When somebody attached a number, totally arbitrarily to it, it increased the effect. People saved all their mental wishing power for 11:11 everyday. Somebody else said it, so there’s more reason to believe, right?  And once the 11:11 thing spread, it was only a matter of time until people started looking forward to 11/11/11. One superbigmegawish. Enough hope to maybe get them through the next decade. Or at least to the next 11:11.

So to all the wishers out there, give it your all. Don’t stop at wishing for the girl to like you back, or wishing for that awesome whatever it is you want. Wish that it would rain gold, or that we could all ride bears instead of cars, or that sunlight would taste like blue Skittles. Take a second-long break into any fantasy land you choose. You probably need it.


EDIT: In case you’re wondering, I finished writing this at roughly 2:30AM on November 11th, 2011 (+8GMT). And yes, I did make a wish.


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